Natural Low back pain Solution

So what is the cause of lower back pain?  Well, unfortunately the answer to that is ” a bunch of things”.  It could be tight muscles, or trigger points in those muscles.  Maybe the spine is out of alignment.  The core muscles could be weak and they are fatiguing quickly causing pain.  Maybe it’s a herniated disc?

This is the reason why person A goes and gets a massage and it works great while person B with the exact symptoms gets the same massage and it only lasts for a few hours.  It’s not that massage doesn’t work, it’s that person A and person B have different problems causing similar symptoms.

Pain isn’t the problem.  The problem is causing the pain.  What can complicate things even further is that most people have a combination of problems causing their pain and they all need to be addressed to fix it.

The “Kitchen Sink” Treatment

We call it the Kitchen Sink treatment.  Meaning we do everything it takes, we’ll even throw in the kitchen sink if it needs it.  Our approach works so well because we really focus on finding out what’s wrong and fixing it rather than having a cookie cutter approach for a symptom.  Do we help everyone? Of course not, but we do help most.  If you would like to find out if we can help you, we offer a free, no obligation consultation.  Basically we sit down and talk to you about what’s going on and find out if we might be able to help you.  If we think we can, we’ll let you know.  If  we think you should see a different Doctor, we will tell you that too.

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