IS your Plantar Fasciitis coming from your calf?

Plantar Fasciitis can be debilitating.  Sometimes it just goes away on its own.  Sometimes it doesn’t.  I’ve had patients who have gone through months of physical therapy and even cortisone shots with zero results.  I’ve also had patients who have had just of few weeks of PT and their symptoms resolved and they felt great again.  So What’s the difference?  The difference is what the actual problem is.  If the problem is the muscle on the bottom of the foot ( the plantar fascia) then working on that area will correct the problem.  But if it’s not, then you can inject it or do therapy to it all you want and it’s not going to change.

One of the most common problems that we find in our patients with unresolving plantar fasciitis is myofascial trigger points in the calf muscle.  These can cause plantar fasciitis without any symptoms in the calf. Once we do some myofascial release to the muscle, the plantar fasciitis goes away.   Sometimes we also need to adjust the feet, other times it’s the Pelvis that is out of alignment causing the problem.  Many times it is a combination of problems that all need to be addressed.  So until the true problem is corrected, the symptoms will persist.  That is the key, being able to find what parts of the body aren’t working correctly, especially when those parts don’t hurt but are causing problems elsewhere.

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