Alternate Day Fasting for Health

You might be wondering what alternate day fasting is?  Well it is exactly how it sounds.  You eat one day and skip the next.  Although if you do feel the need to eat on the fasting day you only eat about 25% of your regular daily calories.  A new study published in the journal Cell Metabolism found that people who did this type of fasting for a week reduced their calorie load by 37% and lost an average of 7.7 pounds.  But weight loss isn’t the only benefit of this type of fasting. The study also showed that  it will  increase blood ketones, reduce inflammation and lower cholesterol.

Exercise added to alternate day fasting can even accelerate weight loss results.  A study published in the July 27, 2013 edition of the journal Obesity found that combining ADF with endurance exercise may cause twice as much weight loss than ADF alone and six times as much weight loss as endurance exercise alone.

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