An apple a day may keep the Grim Reaper away.

Scientists in Australia have found that eating foods high in flavonoids lowered your risk of dying.  The study published in the journal Nature Communications found that although everyone benefited from the foods, heavy drinkers and smokers benefited the most. This is most likely because smokers and drinkers are at higher risk for chronic disease.  The scientists made sure to point out that eating foods high in flavonoids don’t counteract all of the negative effects of drinking and smoking.  The scientists think that it is the anti-inflammatory effects of these compounds that make them so effective in preventing disease.   So what foods are high in flavonoids and how much do you need to take?

The researchers recommend 500mg a day which can easily be accomplished by picking a few items from the following list each day.



Black Berries

Red Cabbage


Red Wine





Broccoli  and many other foods.  A quick google search will give a complete list.

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