An Aspirin a Day may do more harm than good

A new study published in the journal Family Practice has found that taking an aspirin a day might not be as healthy as once thought.  Older research has shown that if a person has had a history of heart disease or stroke, they would benefit from a daily low does aspirin.  Although there are risks, the benefit of preventing a second event out weighed the risk.    Today it has been reported that 25% of adults over 40 take a daily aspirin whether they’ve had a history of a cardiovascular event or not.  This is troubling, according to the lead researcher Mark Ebell.  “We shouldn’t just assume that everyone will benefit from low-dose aspirin, and in fact the data show that the potential benefits are similar to the potential harms for most people who have not had a cardiovascular event and are taking it to try to prevent a first heart attack or stroke,” said Ebell.

The Researchers found that for 1,000 patients treated for 5 years, there were 4 fewer cardiovascular events and 7 more major hemorrhages. Ebell was particularly alarmed by the number of brain bleeds experienced by aspirin users.  The conclusion of the study was that aspirin should no longer be recommended for primary prevention of cardiovascular events.

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A comparison of contemporary versus older studies of aspirin for primary prevention    Frank Moriarty, Mark H Ebell
Family Practice, cmz080,
Published:  21 November 2019

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