Improve Your Shoulder Flexion With The Banded Shoulder Stretch:

This is a great stretch to improve shoulder flexion. It not only stretches the muscles, but it also stretches the joint capsule and ligaments.

  • Start by using a thick band and attach it to a pull up bar.  Insert your hand into the band and rotate your palm so it is facing up.
  • Gently move your body back so you feel a pull on your arm and shoulder joint.
  • From that position bend your body forward so you ear goes passed your bicep and you are inducing shoulder flexion.
  • Don’t stay in one position, continue to move up and down feeling the stretch at the shoulder joint.
  • Turn your head and body away from the shoulder to increase the stretch.
  • Continue to move up and down, back and forth for 2 min.
  • Repeat on the other shoulder.

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