How Deb got rid of her headaches.

Deb came to our office looking for relief from headaches she had been suffering with for the past few years.  Usually she would only get them once or twice a week, but for some reason her headaches became daily.  They would be worse when she would work at her computer.  Medication use to make it better but lately it would only cut the edge off of the pain.  We did a full examination and what jumped out the most was that she had lost the normal curve in her neck.

A loss of the normal neck curve can put tension on the nerves, discs and muscles.  Over time this can lead to a symptom, such as headaches. Spinal misalignment or subluxation can cause many varied symptoms such as back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and hip pain, just to name a few.

In Deb’s case this was causing her headaches.  We put together a specific care plan for her which was designed to restore the curve to as close to normal as possible.  After only a few weeks her headaches were gone.

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Dr. Matt Swiesz

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