Chili Peppers lowers risks of Death from Stroke and Heart Attack

A study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found that eating chili peppers regularly cut the risk of dying from a heart attack or stroke.  The researchers studied 23,000 people in Italy, some of them ate chilies and others didn’t.  What the researchers found was that if a person ate chilies four or more times a week, they cut their risk of heart attack by 40% and stroke by more than 50%.  “An interesting fact is that protection from mortality risk was independent of the type of diet people followed,” said study lead author Marialaura Bonaccio.

“In other words, someone can follow the healthy Mediterranean diet, someone else can eat less healthily, but for all of them chili pepper has a protective effect,” she said.

“This type of relationship suggests that chillies may be just a marker for some other dietary or lifestyle factor that hasn’t been accounted for but, to be fair, this kind of uncertainty is usually present in epidemiological studies, and the authors do acknowledge this,” said Ian Johnson, a nutrition researcher at Quadram Institute Bioscience in Norwich, England

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