Do Kids Benefit from Probiotics?


Bacteria in the digestive tract is essential for optimal health.  Healthy Bacteria, otherwise known as the gut flora are important in food digestion, nutrient asorption and the immune system.  Poor diet, stress and anti-biotics are just a few of the things that can decrease the amount of healthy bacteria you have in your gut and actually cause an increase in “bad” bacteria.  This can cause all sorts of health problems such as digestive issues, skin  and immune system problems just to name a few.  In March of 2014 a research article published in the journal Pediatrics, found that the probiotic   had significantly reduced the frequency and duration of episodes of diarrhea and respiratory tract infection.

There are many types of probiotics on the market, the one they used in this study and in other studies is L reuteri.  

This strain is available for purchase and does come in forms designed for children.  One brand that has gotten some good reviews is Natures way.  They have a product called Primadophilus Reuteri and it is available on Amazon.

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