Fixing tight hips for the desk jockey.

Sitting for hours at your desk can do a number on your hip flexibility.  Over time, this can cause a decrease in the range of motion in your hips which can lead to back pain, decreased performance in sports/exercise and an overall decrease in hip motion.  This simple move can be done at home, work or the gym.


Snap Shot:  Hip Mobility Drill

  1. Place your foot on a chair, table or box.
  2. Lean for to try and bring your ear below your knee or as low as it will go.
  3. Slowly move up and down trying to go further down each time
  4. Continue while you turn your body away from your knee while you try and move lower each time.
  5. Do this for at least 2 min and up to 4 min
  6. Repeat on the other leg

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