Where do I begin?

“I guess I could say that it all started around 3 years ago, maybe longer.  About once a month I would wake up with a headache in the back of my head.  As the months went by they came more often.  I also started having pain in my shoulder and neck.  I was getting very little sleep.  I would wake up at 4 or 5 in the morning in so much pain, that  I would have to get out of bed because laying down made it worse.”

“I tried physical therapy and I had tried a number of different pain medication, some worked but most didn’t.  I knew I couldn’t go on living like this any more.  The pain and inflammation had become a daily occurrence and along with that I was always sick to my stomach.  I have been under their care now for 2 months and let me tell you, I feel like I have been reborn.  I have been given my life back.  I don’t have trouble sleeping anymore.  I sleep as late as I want.  The pain and inflammation are gone and I don’t feel sick anymore.  If you are out there and your tired of being sick or in pain, I say to you give it a try.  You have nothing to lose and plenty to gain.”

Gloria F, 45 Sandown NH

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