Glute trigger points and hip stiffness

gluteus_maximus  Here are some quick signs your glutes may be affecting your hips.

  1. You feel a tightness in the “back pocket” region of your low back when you squat down or bend over.
  2. Your hips feel stiff when you go from sitting to standing and you blame it on “getting old”.
  3. you can’t rest your foot on your opposite thigh (figure four) without pain in the hip region.


Foam Rolling technique to get grid of glute trigger points.

  1. Place a firm foam roller (available in most sporting good sections) under the glute muscle as seen above.
  2. Gently move your Glute back and forth on the roller looking for tender spots.
  3. When a spot is found, stay still on the area for a 30 second count.
  4. Continue on to other regions of the muscle and repeat as necessary.
  5. Spend up to 2-3 min per muscle.

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