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Eat More Almonds? Past research has linked nut consumption with a reduced risk for heart
disease and better performance on cognitive assessments. A new study involving 128 overweight/obese
adults revealed that those who added almonds to their diet experienced an improvement in their blood
triglyceride levels that was not observed in participants who continued their normal diet.
Nutrients, April 2020


Zinc May Help with the Common Cold. While it does not reduce the risk for the common cold, the
current research suggests that taking a zinc supplement may reduce the duration of a cold by up to two
days. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, April 2020


Yoga for Low Back Pain? Doctors often recommend that patients engage in an exercise
program as part of the long-term management of chronic low back pain. But what about yoga? A review of
findings from five published studies showed that yoga can be as effective or more effective than other
exercise interventions for the chronic back pain patient. Endermeria Clinica, March 2020


Many Motorcycle-Riding Police Suffer Musculoskeletal Problems. Questionnaires
completed by police officers who routinely ride a motorcycle during their work activities revealed that 57%
regularly experienced musculoskeletal pain, most often in the lumbosacral spine, neck, and knees.
Occupational Medicine (Poland), March 2020

Mental Attitude:

Social Media Doesn’t Hurt Kids’ Social Skills. While mental health experts have
expressed concern that social media use may impair a child’s social skills, a new study that compared
assessments of children by teachers and parents from recent years with those of kids from before the advent
of Facebook revealed that both groups had similar interpersonal skills, such as the ability to develop and
maintain friendships, get along with others, an exhibit self-control.
American Journal of Sociology, January 2020


Breastfeeding Benefits Infant Immunity. In a study that included hundreds of
young children, researchers discovered that breastfeeding inhibited the buildup of potentially pathogenic
viruses in the gut. Senior author Dr. Frederic Bushman writes, “These findings can help us better
understand why some babies get sick and develop life-threatening infections in their first months of life.”
Nature, April 2020


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