How I Beat Shoulder Pain.

You may have seen some of my articles on shoulder pain and wondered what makes me someone qualified to help people with shoulder pain.  Well Basically desire to help people with shoulder pain comes from my own battle with it.  About 10 years ago I started to develop left sided shoulder pain.  I didn’t have a particular injury, but I had been doing Crossfit for a couple of years.

The pain started gradual.  No big deal at first.  Just sore after workouts or work and maybe a little sore the next day.  Then it started to get a little worse.  I would get a quick stabbing pain when trying to do something as simple as lift a light object or open a door.  It was weird because it wouldn’t happen every time I did those things.  Then it progressed to where I had a noticeable loss in my shoulder range of motion and it started to affect my workouts.  Not only did it hurt but it wasn’t as strong.

The kicker that sent me searching for an answer was when it would wake me up at night and my whole arm hurt and I couldn’t even move it for a few minutes.  That was it, I had enough.

So I started to search for an answer.  Being a chiropractor I was familiar with the chiropractic approach as well as the physical therapy/medical approach.  I tried exercises, soft tissue work getting adjusted  until I figured out exactly how to fix my shoulder.  My wife is also a chiropractor so without her help this wouldn’t have been possible.  From there I started helping others.  I had a small office in a crossfit gym and I use to joke that I should change the name to “Matt’s shoulder shop” because of the amount of shoulders I worked on.  So since then my wife and I have helped hundreds of people with shoulder pain.

Do we help everyone? Of course not.  But we do help most.  We offer a free consultation to see if we could help you.  If you have shoulder pain, click the get started button below and request your free consultation.  We have chiropractic offices in Hampstead NH and Durham NH. You’ve got nothing to lose, except the pain of course.


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