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The Wall Squat

What is it: A squat performed whilst standing close to and facing the wall, with your hands against the wall but no other part of your body permitted to touch it.

How to do it: Stand a foot’s width (as opposed to a foot’s length) away from the wall in a shoulder width stance. Stretch your arms out above your head and place them against the wall, with your arms parallel. Send your hips back and lower yourself down under control into a perfect full squat, with your hands remaining against the wall, but not allowing your head or torso to touch the wall.

Focus On: Pushing your knees out and your chest up – both of which will stop you hitting the wall and help you to keep your chest up and maintain optimal back position and torso angle whilst hitting a deep squat. Also try to keep your arms as vertical as possible.

Advanced tip: Bring yourself closer and closer to the wall, until you can perform a full squat with your toes touching the wall.

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