Health Alert: Let Kids Sleep More During the Weekend? Questionnaires completed by 8,655 South Korean
students revealed that getting two or more hours of catch-up sleep on the weekend is associated with a 32%
reduced risk for depressive symptoms. Journal of Sleep Research, May 2020

Diet: Vitamin A and HPV? An analysis of data concerning 13,412 women found that an excessive intake of
dietary vitamin A may be associated with an increased risk for human papillomavirus (HPV) infection.
BioMed Research International, January 2020

Exercise: Mediation and Aerobic Exercise Helps Reduce Stress. New research suggests that 30 minutes of
meditation combined with 30 minutes of aerobic exercise performed twice weekly is sufficient to reduce stress
and improve quality of life. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, May 2020

Chiropractic: Scoliosis and the Legs? Scoliosis affects roughly 2-3% of teenagers, and the cause is often
unknown. Among a group of 23 teenagers with a leg length discrepancy (LLD) of 20 mm or more, researchers
found that 15 had scoliosis, and the condition was more severe in those with LLD greater than 30 mm. Doctors
of chiropractic often utilize adjustments to reduce leg length issues and prescribe heel lifts to further address
significant leg length differences. Asian Spine Journal, May 2020

Mental Attitude: E-Tool May Help Children with Mental Health Issues. The Mayo Clinic has developed an
online tool to assist kids and families deal with anxiety disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorder. The tool
also contains a family stress resource center for kids and families coping with changes, events, or challenges in
their lives. The Mayo Clinic’s Dr. Stephen Whiteside explains, “As a mental health community, we’re all
moving quickly to figure out how to provide additional resources to meet our patients’ needs… Our team has
wanted to build a unique mental health platform for quite a while, but when social distancing measures were
enacted, we realized we needed to expedite the process.” Mayo Clinic, April 2020

Wellness/Prevention: A New Medical Necklace Can Help Spot Afib in Seconds. Atrial Fibrillation (Afib) is
a common heart rhythm disorder that is known to significantly increase the risk of stroke. Researchers have
created a necklace outfitted with a pendant that can help detect Afib by gathering a 30-second EKG reading and
forwarding the data to cloud-based AI, which provides diagnostic results to the patient and doctor
instantaneously. In a study that included 145 individuals, the research team found that the AI system achieved
95% to 98% accuracy identifying patients who had experienced atrial fibrillation and 100% accuracy at
identifying those who had not. European Society of Cardiology, May 2020

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