Low Carb diet may prevent cognitive decline related to getting older

Starting to notice changes with your brain as you get older? A recent study done at Stony Brook University has found that a low carb diet can help people experiencing age related brain changes.   The researchers used neuro-imaging to look at how the brain functions as people get older.  They first found that age related brain changes start much earlier than previously thought.  It happens in a person’s 40’s.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is that they found that it appears to be reversible or even preventable.  They found that signs of age related cognitive decline fluctuated depending on diet.  A diet that was low in carbs and avoided simple sugars was the diet that was found to reverse or even prevent the decline.

“What we found with these experiments involves both bad and good news,” says Mujica-Parodi, a Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering.

“The bad news is that we see the first signs of brain aging much earlier than was previously thought. However, the good news is that we may be able to prevent or reverse these effects with diet, mitigating the impact of encroaching hypometabolism by exchanging glucose for ketones as fuel for neurons.”

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