Marijuana Use Seems to change the structure of the Heart

Using Pot regularly appears to change the structure of the heart.  A new study has found that people who regularly use marijuana tend to  have a larger left ventricle.  Researchers also found that in this group of people there was a deformation of heart fibers when the heart contracted.  This was a sign of impaired heart function.  “Those who used cannabis regularly had enlargement of the heart, but when they saw the patient had stopped using the drug, it seems the function was improved,” said Dr. Mary Ann McLaughlin, a cardiologist at Mount Sinai Hospital

“There’s so much we don’t know about cannabis use and its effect on the heart, but one of the things we do know is that when people use marijuana, particularly if they smoke it, the heart rate and the blood pressure go up, and the heart has to work harder,”  said Dr. Martha Gulati, from the American College of Cardiology.

The study was published in  JACC Cardiovascular Imaging.

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