Processed Food Linked to Obesity

Most people feel that the rise in obesity is caused by an increase in the consumption of calories.  A new research review seems to be point part of the blame to the consumption of highly processed foods.  “The traditional approach to nutrition has failed us. We have focused on various components of food like fat and calories, but yet the obesity epidemic continues. We need a more holistic view to diet and nutrition that includes how our food is processed and how that has changed,” said Leigh Frame, PhD, MHS.

Recent human trials have found ultra-processed foods as a contributor to decreased satiety, increased meal eating rates, worsening biochemical markers, and more weight gain.

Many people consume processed foods because they are convenient and affordable, .  .  It seems that the current attitude is that as long as calories are controlled, food sources shouldn’t matter.  But that doesn’t appear to be the case.  Food quality appears to be a factor and the researchers encourage people to prepare their own meals as much as possible.

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