Shoulder Pain: How I fixed my own.

Shoulder pain is not fun.  How do I know?  I suffered with it for 6 months.

I had the brilliant idea at the gym to see how heavy of a kettle bell I could pick up and press over my head.  Guess how much is too much. 80lbs

As soon as I did it I felt this sharp pain in my shoulder.  This is not the injury you want when you’re a chiropractor.  I iced it and got adjusted.  Over the next couple of days  it just stayed the same.  Getting adjusted helped but it wasn’t fixing the problem.  I couldn’t reach for anything without pain.  It was hard to put a shirt on and work was miserable.  It would wake me up at night as my arm would go “dead” to where I couldn’t move it for a few minutes.  As weeks turned to months it was just always there and I learned to work around it.   I finally got fed up and was determined to figure it out.  So after doing research I figured out that with the shoulder being such a complex joint, they were lots of different parts that had to be addressed.   So after fixing a combination of my muscles, my shoulder joint, and my spine I finally resolved the problem.

Applying this approach to my patients I found that it not only worked on injuries, but it worked just as well on shoulder pain that seemed to come out of no where.  And it didn’t matter if the problem was a 6 weeks old or 6 years old.  This was over 10 years ago and since then my wife and I have  helped hundreds of people with their shoulder pain.  Have we fixed everyone?  Absolutely NOT,  but we have helped most.  The good news is that it doesn’t take long to start seeing results if we’re going to be able to help.

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