Our shoulder pain treatment program handles these symptoms:

Shoulder pain that wakes you up at night

Limited Range of motion

Pain with or inability to put on a shirt or bra

Pain that shoots down the side of the arm with movement

Stabbing pain when picking up something like Milk from the fridge

“Dead arm” sensation in the middle of night or morning

“Rice Krispy Crunching” with movement.

We use a multi treatment approach when helping people with shoulder pain.  We first determine what the problem is and then depending on what is the cause of the problem we use soft tissue work, chiropractic adjustments to the spine and shoulder, mobilization and exercise.  Sometimes we use just one of these and other times we use them all.  The important part is finding the underlying cause.  The problem can be from one or more of the over 20 shoulder  muscles.  It can also be coming from the spine,or the shoulder joint itself.  Most people have some combination of these and that is why it really takes someone with experience to figure it out.  Our program was developed out of necessity, you see, I suffered with shoulder pain for years and was determined to find out how to fix it.  After a while of trial and error I came up with the approach that we use today.  My wife and I have successfully helped hundreds of people with shoulder problems.  From Crossfit athletes to people who sit at a desk all day and don’t exercise at all, we’ve seen many different types of cases.  Have we helped them all, no, but we have helped most.

If you would like to see if we can help you, we offer a free consultation to see if our unique treatment protocol is right for you.  Click the button below to request a free, no obligation, consultation.  We have a chiropractic office in Durham NH as well as an office in Hampstead NH.  We also accept most major insurance and have affordable options for the uninsured.