Snapshot: Pectoral Self Myofascial Release


Pectoral Self Myofascial Release Description

Is your tight Pectoral muscle (or Chest) causing shoulder pain, limited motion or stiffness?  Over the years of working with athletes, I’ve found that a tight Pectoral muscle can not only limit shoulder motion, but can  also cause shoulder pain.  I’ve also found that sometimes, stretching isn’t enough and myofascial trigger points need to be addressed.

Pectoral Self Myofascial Release Steps

Try this.

1.) Place a lacrosse ball on your chest and cover it with both hands.

2.) Keep you elbows up and put light pressure on the ball and roll it in a circular motion over your pec looking for tender points.
3.)  When a tender point is found, increase the pressure and continue to roll ball in a circular motion.

4.)  After 30 seconds move the ball to look for other tender spots
5.) Continue for 2-3 minutes.

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