Three Foam Rolling Mistakes.

Here are the top 3 foam rolling mistakes that I see people make.

  1. Rolling only where the pain is:  Yes, it is important to roll out the sore spots, but its also important to roll out the other muscles in the area.  Muscles work in groups so even though you might only be feeling pain in one area, chances are the other muscles in the group will need attention to fully correct the problem.
  2. Rolling too Fast:  Rolling back in forth slowly is more effective than a rapid back and forth.  Take your time, if you find a tender spot spend a few seconds on it.  You’ll like your results better.
  3. Not spending enough time:  If you are rolling out a muscle group you are having trouble with, you need to spend at least 2 minutes, up to 6minutes.  This doesn’t mean you spend six minutes on one sore spot, it means take your time and hit every muscle in the area and don’t just race through it.

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