Top 4 Tips for Keto Diet Success

The Ketogenic diet can be a great tool for weight loss.  It can also be confusing and sometimes people have a hard time achieving their goals. I’ve helped many people overcome obstacles with the keto diet.  Below are some of the problems people have when they are following the “rules” and still not reaching their ideal weight.

1. Eating too many calories.

As with any weight loss program, you lose weight when you burn more calories than you eat.  Even though you are sticking to under 25 grams of carbs and have about 20% protein, if you are eating enough to support your metabolism there is no need for your body to dip into its reserves and burn body fat.

The easy fix is to track your calories in the beginning.  Use a tool like my fitness pal and find out how much you are eating.  Then reduce that amount by 10-15% and see what happens.

2.  Eating too much processed food

It seems that eating processed food can slow weight loss.  Even if your percentages are accurate.  Eating foods like hot dogs, mayonnaise, american cheese, or even bars that are meant to be low carb.  I have found from experience that sticking to whole foods works the best.  Stick with unprocessed meats, nuts and green veggies.

3. Dairy

For some people, dairy will stall hitting weight goals.  Others do well with it.  The only way to tell is to take it out and see how you respond.

4.  Eating too late at night

Once again, this depends on the person, but I’ve found in many patients (including myself) that eating after 6 pm is a problem.

So there you have it, the top 4 issues that I have experienced in coaching people on a keto diet.

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