Hip Pain With Running

Hip pain while running is a common complaint we see not only in the adult population but also in younger athletes.  The classic presentation in both groups is that usually the patient is able to start to run fine but as time and distance goes on pain starts to develop.  The pain can range from an annoyance that doesn’t prevent them from finishing all the way to a pain that makes them stop.  Most of the time the person can’t remember an injury or incident when the condition started.  It just seemed to slowly occur over time without a cause which is the frustrating part.

Hip pain is either coming from inside the joint itself or from the musculature and or bursa around it.  The problems that can happen with the joint are things like hip arthritis or a torn labrum.   Problems outside of the joint include muscular imbalances of the hip muscles and muscles of the surrounding area.  These muscles  could also have trigger points active and some may not even be working properly during running.  Problems with spinal biomechanics and alignment can also cause hip pain.   From my experience the majority of runners with hip pain have the latter.  The hip joint itself is fine and it is usually some sort muscular or biomechanical problem that has slowly developed over time.  That is the good news because it is possible to fix those without surgery.

When patients present to our office with hip pain from running or even just walking, we do a thorough exam to find out what is exactly causing the problem and if it is something we think we can help with.  If it is, it usually doesn’t take to long to start to see results.  If you are experiencing hip pain, back pain, sciatica or any other musculoskeletal problem and want to see if we can help, just click the get started button below and request a consultation.

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