Natural Headache Solution

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Pain that starts in the shoulders and goes to the back of the head.

Head feels like it in a vice

Pain behind one or both eyeballs, sometimes even stabbing.

Low grade headache that is just there all day

Throbbing pain in the temples

Feeling like you can’t even function

These are some of the ways our patients have described how their headaches feel.

Unfortunately, most of the treatments out there are aimed at treating the symptoms but not the underlying cause.  That is why they tend to keep coming back.  We explain to our patients that your headache isn’t the problem, your problem is causing your headache.

That’s the trick, finding the problem.  There are many different approaches to treating headaches, but until the cause is found, treatments can be hit or miss.

Just some of the possible causes of Headaches:

Neck Misalignment

Poor Posture

Trigger points in one of the many neck muscles

Trigger points in the shoulder muscles

TMJ problems

Pelvic Misalignment

When a patient comes in with headaches, the first goal is to find out what’s going on.  Then we can fix it.  Unfortunately too many health care providers just use a cookie cutter approach to care.

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