Drs. Whitney and Matt SwieszMeet Drs. Whitney & Matt Swiesz

Drs. Whitney & Matt are able to incorporate both of their passions into their practice which are their families and competitive athletics.

As the parents of four boys, Drs. Whitney & Matt Swiesz have an intimate knowledge of not only adjusting children, and the problems they present with, but also the difficulties with keeping them in good health. Both are very familiar with the challenges of encouraging a balanced diet, limiting electronic & video game use, and establishing proper sleep habits – just to name a few.

Both Whitney and Matt have been involved in Crossfit since 2008 and Dr. Matt was certified as a level 1 trainer. They are both very familiar with the unique injuries that can occur from competitive athletics, such as crossfit, and also advise their patients on prevention.  Dr. Matt has worked with Olympic athletes from Mexico, Columbia, Nigeria and Guatemala.  He is also one of only 3 doctors in NH certified in Chiropractic Biophysics which is the most researched chiropractic technique.  They have both been in private practice since 2000.

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