Natural Knee Pain Solutions

Knee pain is one of the most common problems that causes people to not only stop enjoying life but also can be debilitating.  Unfortunately it is all to common and effects hundreds of thousands of people.  The crazy part is that a lot of times, the cause isn’t always apparent.  I’ve had multiple patients with knee pain but they’ve been tested for a meniscal tear or torn ACL/MCL and the tests come back negative.

In some patients, the pain only comes at certain times like when running or after running.  Other people feel great all day but their knee throbs at night.  Then of course there are people who have pain with every step.

The reality is that knee pain isn’t the problem.  There is a problem that is causing knee pain and there are a bunch of different problems that can cause it.  Here is a list of just a few of the problems that can cause knee pain.

SI joint dysfunction

Lumbar Spine problems

TFL tightness and or triggerpoints

Calf tightness

Quad or Hamstring muscle problems

Knee cap issues

Pelvic muscle imbalances

The point is that this is why a cookie cutter approach to knee pain doesn’t work.  You can’t just treat the knee pain, you have to figure out the problem and fix that.

This is the approach we take when treating patients with knee pain.  This is why we get such great results.  Do we help everyone? Of course not but we do help most.  We even help people who have been told they have arthritis in their knees.

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