Natural Neck Pain Solution

Neck pain comes in many forms.

It can hurt when you turn your head.

It can be a dull throbbing ache while your sitting at your computer.

It can be a quick stabbing pain and then quickly disappearing.

Neck pain can also effect daily activities and make it hard to get the things done we need to do.

It can make sitting at a computer unbearable,

Neck pain can stop a person from exercising

Neck pain can keep you from sleeping and make you groggy the next day

It can cause neck pain and shoulder pain.

The most common causes of neck pain.

Most neck pain is usually coming from strained neck muscles, spinal joints or irritated nerves.  This can happen when the spine, especially up in the neck, loses it’s normal alignment.


Normal Neck Curve

The picture above is a normal neck with a curve.  In this position, the neck is the strongest and there is no strain or tension on the muscles, joints and nerves.

If the spine loses its normal alignment, It’s called a subluxation.

Neck Subluxation

Above is a picture of a neck that has lost it’s normal alignment.  This puts a tremendous amount of stress on the muscles, nerves and joints which can eventually cause neck pain as well as a bunch of other problems.

So what’s the solution?

Most neck pain treatments are based a covering up the symptoms such as anti-inflammatory drugs or muscle relaxers.  They may give some relief in the short term, but it’s not fixing the problem.

Our approach is different.  We focus on the structural correction of the misalignment.  We work to bring a misaligned spine as close to normal as possible to not only relieve the pain but to actually fix the problem and prevent it from getting worse.

We’ve had advanced training in this and have a certification from the most researched spinal correction program there is.

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